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Back to Rio

2015 Finalist | Brazil

This huge scale public arts project has radically transformed the image of one of the most notorious favelas i…

Upgrading of Audi União Shantytown: Curitiba

2014 Finalist | Brazil

This upgrading project has been carried out in Audi União, one of largest and poorest squatter settlements in …

The Struggle for Housing in Central Areas

2013 Finalist | Brazil

The Associação Cortiços do Centro, Condomínio Vanguarda (Association of Tenements in Central Areas - ACC) is a…

‘Caprichando a Morada’: Living well is part of human dignity

2009 Winner | Brazil

The COOPERHAF rural housing cooperative was established in 2001 by the Workers' Federation of Family-Based Agr…

Sustainable Land Tenure Regularisation as an Instrument for Social Transformation

2008 Finalist | Brazil

The work of Terra Nova Regularizações Fundiárias involves land tenure regularisation and the upgrading of info…

Self-managed Vertical Housing

2007 Finalist | Brazil

Working to support community-led, high-density urban-housing initiatives, this project has worked with nearly …

Land and Housing Programme

2005 Finalist | Brazil

Over 15,000 families have benefited to date from the Bento Rubião Foundation’s pioneering work with the Right …

Building Restoration for Social Housing Purposes – Celso Garcia, 787

2004 Finalist | Brazil

This project has converted one of the many redundant and derelict commercial buildings in the centre of São Pa…

Urban Management in Curitiba – Building Full Citizenship

1997 Winner | Brazil

This project is an outstanding example of how an imaginative and innovative city planning approach has created…