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2014 Winner | Finland

A social enterprise that specialises in housing homeless people; Y-Foundation has played a leading role in a p…

Liter of Light

2014 Winner | Philippines

Liter of Light uses cheap, readily available materials to provide high quality lighting to homes in poor commu…

Upgrading of Audi União Shantytown: Curitiba

2014 Finalist | Brazil

This upgrading project has been carried out in Audi União, one of largest and poorest squatter settlements in …

Rural Habitat Improvements

2014 Finalist | El Salvador

A project led by FUNDASAL (the Salvadoran Foundation for Development and Low-cost Housing) to improve health a…

Indigenous people building their homes

2014 Finalist | Mexico

Indigenous communities in the Sierra Norte de Puebla region in Mexico live in extreme poverty in houses that a…

Build Back Safer with Traditional Construction Methods

2014 Finalist | Pakistan

848,000 houses were destroyed and 9.7 million people affected by severe floods in western Pakistan in 2011. Th…


2014 Finalist | Russia

Nochlezhka is an independent charity that provides a wide range of services to, and advocates on behalf of, ho…

Social Inclusion and Improvement of Living Conditions for Roma

2014 Finalist | Serbia

The Roma are among the most vulnerable communities in Europe with a long history of persecution and discrimina…

Social Housing in Supportive Environments (SHSE)

2014 Finalist | Serbia

As a result of the 1990s wars, Serbia has the highest number of refugees and internally displaced people in Eu…

Community-Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF)

2014 Finalist | Worldwide

CLIFF starts from the philosophy that the poor are worthy of investment. Instead of giving one-off grants, CLI…