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Eligibility for entering

Does it cost anything to enter the World Habitat Awards?

No, entering the World Habitat Awards is free of charge.

Who can enter the World Habitat Awards?

Anyone representing or collaborating on an innovative project in the field of housing is welcome to enter: individuals, NGOs, public institutions, private initiatives, academia, United Nations programmes, etc.

Are there any geographical restrictions on applying?

Applications are welcome from anywhere in the world.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Please take a look at the criteria

To be eligible, applications:

  • must be related to housing.
  • must concern projects that are either in progress or finished less than ten years ago, from the date the call for entries closes (3 March 2024).
  • cannot be a grant application.

Does World Habitat provide grant funding?

  • The World Habitat Award competition does not fund projects. It recognised existing projects which have their own funding scheme. World Habitat has a granting scheme for Community-Led Housing projects which is not linked to the World Habitat Awards. Find out more.


Entering the Awards

How do I enter?

Please enter via the online entry form

Can I send an entry via email?

No, it is not possible to submit your entry via email.

In which languages can I apply ?

We accept entries in English, French and Spanish.

What’s the deadline for submissions?

This year, the call for entries closes at midnight on Sunday 3 March 2024

Can I contact somebody about my submission?

Yes, if you have any queries, please email the Awards team

How can I prepare my submission before the call is open for entries?

You can view the application questions online to prepare your answers.

You can also read about previous winners since 1986 to get inspired.

Can I enter for planned or future work?

No, you cannot enter for planned or future work. Only projects that have already started or finished will be examined. Projects should already be able to demonstrate impact and field visits including interviews to beneficiaries should be possible in case the project makes it to the final stage of the competition

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can submit as many entries as you wish.

Can several organisations collaborating on a project apply together?

Yes. You can enter the awards as a partnership of organisations.

I’ve applied in a previous year, do I have to fill in the form again?

Yes, you must submit a new entry, even if you have applied in previous years.

Who will see information that I submit as part of my entry?

Your entry is read by World Habitat staff members and external assessors and experts.

Will there be any publicity about my submission?

No, all entries are kept confidential unless awarded. Only finalists are publicised online. The World Habitat Communications Team support finalists to prepare any publicity for the announcement. Finalists have the opportunity to review communications materials before they are published and supply images and film about the project themselves.

There is a technical problem with the entry form. What can I do?

If you have any technical problems with the entry form, please email the Awards team


Judging criteria and process

What are the judging criteria?

The criteria are: Impact; Innovation; Environmental Sustainability; Viability and Transferability; Significance. Find out more about the judging criteria.

Who are the judges and assessors?

The assessors are staff members of World Habitat and external assessors who review the initial applications in two stages; the shortlisting and selection of finalists. The finalist 10 projects are assessed by the Advisory Group, a board of distinguished housing experts, and the final gold winners are selected by the World Habitat Awards judges: UN-Habitat Executive Director Maimunah Mohd Sharif and Global Director of the Shift and former UN Special Rapporteur for Adequate Housing to UN Special Rapporteur for Adequate Housing Leilani Farha. Find out more about the selection process.

What will happen if I’m shortlisted for an award?

Shortlisted entries are evaluated more deeply by the assessors. If your entry is shortlisted, you will be asked to provide more details about some elements of your project which you will need  to answer within a short period (one week).

What will happen if I’m a finalist?

Around ten projects make it to the final stage each year. The World Habitat Awards team will write detailed summaries about these projects which will be reviewed by the applicants before they are sent to the Advisory Group, a board of distinguished professionals and experts. The Advisory Group selects the bronze awardees and recommends four projects for evaluation visits. Of these four projects, two will become gold winners, and the remaining projects will be Silver or Bronze winners.

What is the link between UN-Habitat and World Habitat?

Details of the link between the two organisations can be found on our website.


Winning an award

What are the benefits of winning a World Habitat Award?

Winning the World Habitat Award is not just an acknowledgement of your excellent housing project and contributions to the field, but also brings tangible benefits detailed here.

What happens if I win an award?

As a bronze, silver or gold winner, your project will be published online in English, Spanish and French and will be featured throughout our communication channels. Your organisation will be invited to online events to present your project to experts and audiences interested in housing across the world. Your organisation will join the World Habitat Awards Network of former winners which allows for peer-to-peer discussions, trainings, and networking.

How have previous winners benefited from the exChange programme?

Details of how previous finalists have benefited from the ExChange programme are on our website.



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