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Whilst World Habitat will not hold the copyright of any project submitted, it is understood and agreed that any project so submitted will be available for international exhibition, demonstration and publication without further permission or payment to the copyright holder. World Habitat will only accept submissions on this understanding and agreement without further permission of the copyright holder and the prize, if won, will be made to the person submitting the entry in reliance upon such representation and warranty.

World Habitat cannot be involved in any negotiations regarding financial and copyright arrangements between the two parties. Where a submission of an existing project is made by a person or persons other than the holder of the copyright, the submission of such project shall imply a representation and warranty by such person that the holder of copyright consents to such submission upon terms that it will be available for international exhibition and demonstration and publication.

Shortlisted projects will not necessarily be recognised as finalists. World Habitat reserves the right not to make an award in the event of the judges deciding that none of the submissions received achieve the standard sought or adequately fulfil the criteria.


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