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La Paz Post-earthquake Reconstruction Programme

2004 Winner | El Salvador

This housing reconstruction programme demonstrates how successful community development can result from rebuil…

The Eldonian Village, Liverpool

2004 Winner | United Kingdom

Faced with the threat of their community being broken up and the people being forced to move from their homes …

Technologies for Social Habitat, CEVE’s Practice

2004 Finalist | Argentina

The Centro Experimental de la Vivienda Económica (CEVE), member of Asociacion de la Vivienda Económica (AVE), …

Building Restoration for Social Housing Purposes – Celso Garcia, 787

2004 Finalist | Brazil

This project has converted one of the many redundant and derelict commercial buildings in the centre of São Pa…

Twelve Urban Ecology Projects in Hedebygade

2004 Finalist | Denmark

Renewal of the dilapidated Hedebygade urban block in Copenhagen has provided an opportunity to demonstrate a r…

Gandhi Nu Gam

2004 Finalist | India

The post-earthquake redevelopment of the Ghandi Nu Gam village was carried out through a holistic, participato…

Maasai Integrated Shelter Project

2004 Finalist | Kenya

Initiated in response to the changing livelihood needs of the nomadic Maasai population, this project provides…

Programa de Vivienda Popular

2004 Finalist | Mexico

This incremental housing programme, developed by the community-based organisation UCISV-VER, combines resource…

The Pelgromhof

2004 Finalist | Netherlands

As a European exemplar project for integrated care for older persons, this project provides 169 apartments for…

Toa Payoh Town Renewal

2004 Finalist | Singapore

The Toa Payoh Town Renewal Programme is the first in a series of government-led initiatives to revitalise the …