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Caño Martín Peña Community Land Trust

2015 Winner | Puerto Rico

A community land trust is helping transform an informal settlement around a polluted and flood prone river cha…

Self-Help Housing in the North of England

2015 Winner | United Kingdom

This work is delivered by Canopy and Giroscope, two separate housing charities that train homeless and vulnera…

Comprehensive Community Development for Poverty Alleviation

2015 Finalist | Bhutan

This project focused on the Olep ethnic group who live on the western fringes of an important national park in…

Back to Rio

2015 Finalist | Brazil

This huge scale public arts project has radically transformed the image of one of the most notorious favelas i…

TECHO – Development of Habitat

2015 Finalist | Chile

TECHO is an NGO working with residents and young volunteers to overcome the poverty in which thousands of peop…

Improvement Without Barriers

2015 Finalist | Colombia

Disabled people on low incomes face significant challenges. Poor access and inadequate housing mean they are o…

Nashira, a Song of Love, a women-led project

2015 Finalist | Colombia

Nashira Un Canto de Amor (a song of love) is an eco-village in rural Colombia built for and by women who have …

Empowering the Poor: building the capacity of urban and rural communities

2015 Finalist | Malawi

Following the Slum Dwellers International approach and challenging Malawi’s ‘hand out culture’, this project i…

Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community)

2015 Finalist | United Kingdom

Lilac is a self-planned and managed co-housing community in Leeds, England. It embraces the concept of living …

Rent to Buy Scheme

2015 Finalist | United Kingdom

The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) ‘Rent to Buy Scheme’ helps people on low income living i…