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‘Caprichando a Morada’: Living well is part of human dignity

2009 Winner | Brazil

The COOPERHAF rural housing cooperative was established in 2001 by the Workers' Federation of Family-Based Agr…

Building Partnerships to Eradicate Poverty

2009 Winner | Poland

The Barka (meaning lifeboat) organisation was established in 1990 to help the many destitute and homeless peop…

Technological Transfer Processes for Popular Habitat

2009 Finalist | Argentina

AVE/CEVE is a a non-governmental organisation dedicated to research, technological development, transfer and t…

Sint Antoniuspleintje (St. Anthony’s Square)

2009 Finalist | Belgium

Sint Antoniuspleintje is an environmentally sustainable housing project developed by Zonnige Kempen (ZK), a pi…

Water Solutions through Collective Management

2009 Finalist | Bolivia

The Water Solutions through Collective Management project works to extend access to affordable water in peri-…

Earth Roofs for the Sahel

2009 Finalist | Burkina Faso

This programme has trained over 115 masons drawn from local communities in the construction of vaulted earth b…

Home Ownership Alternatives: A New Financing Paradigm for Affordable Home Ownership

2009 Finalist | Canada

Established in 1998, Home Ownership Alternatives (HOA) is a non-profit financial corporation operating in Grea…

Technical Team Planning for Self-Help Housing in the Kambi Moto Community

2009 Finalist | Kenya

This programme is working to enable the 270 households of Kambi Moto informal settlement to gain security of t…

Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

2009 Finalist | New Zealand

The Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood is the first cohousing community in New Zealand and combines environmentally-s…

Social Housing in Supportive Environments (SHSE)

2009 Finalist | Serbia

The Housing Center is an NGO working to improve the housing conditions for socially vulnerable groups in Serbi…