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Energy Efficient Straw-bale Housing Project

2005 Winner | China People's Republic of

An innovative straw-bale construction method is being used in northern China to build houses and other public …

Solar Housing Renovation, Gårdsten, Sweden

2005 Winner | Sweden

A range of innovative environmentally and socially sustainable approaches were used in the renovation of this …

Hábitat y Desarrollo Rural en Valle Azul

2005 Finalist | Argentina

The civil society organisation ‘Un Techo para mi Hermano’ has developed a participatory rural housing initiati…

Christie Walk EcoCity Project

2005 Finalist | Australia

This urban ecological development in Adelaide demonstrates a sustainable urban lifestyle. The 14 environmental…

Land and Housing Programme

2005 Finalist | Brazil

Over 15,000 families have benefited to date from the Bento Rubião Foundation’s pioneering work with the Right …

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Ecobarrio Suerte 90

2005 Finalist | Colombia

This environmentally and socially sustainable eco-village in Cali includes 222 homes as well as recreational f…

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Innovative Rural Housing and Habitat Development in Kuthambakkam Village

2005 Finalist | India

The Trust for Village Self Governance uses an integrated rural habitat and economic development approach to im…

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Energy Efficiency – Housing Pilot Project

2005 Finalist | Lithuania

An innovative and affordable financing system has enabled homeowners in large crumbling apartment blocks to up…

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Solar Energy Support Programme (SSP)

2005 Finalist | Nepal

A government run initiative, this programme works with the private sector to provide stand alone solar energy …

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Ocean View Shelter Access

2005 Finalist | South Africa

To date the Ocean View Development Trust has assisted 700 poor and marginalised families to build and improve …