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Urban Management in Curitiba – Building Full Citizenship

1997 Winner | Brazil

This project is an outstanding example of how an imaginative and innovative city planning approach has created…

The Europahaus Project, Langenhagen

1997 Winner | Germany

This project was built as a result of winning an international design competition for low-cost housing with hi…

Wodonga Group Self-build

1997 Finalist | Australia

A group self-build scheme established by the government of Victoria, Australia to help lower-income families h…

Dispersed Users Housing Programme

1997 Finalist | Colombia

This is an ongoing housing programme established in 1976, with 60,000 dwelling units completed to date. The ho…

Ecological Urban Renewal in Kölding

1997 Finalist | Denmark

Renewal of an urban block comprising 129 dwellings, 6 business properties and 2 club premises to present a sho…

Insitu Rehabilitation of Earthquake Victims in Latur District, India

1997 Finalist | India

Ongoing project to re-house earthquake victims in the Latur District of India. 1,259 dwellings and ten buildin…

Tanzania Bondeni Community Land Trust Project

1997 Finalist | Kenya

Innovative land tenure model to promote communal ownership of land. Tanzania-Bondeni was an informal settlemen…

Infrastructure Development Fund

1997 Finalist | Lesotho

The Infrastructure Development Fund provides loans to finance service connection costs for poor settlements in…

Residential Energy Management in the Mediterranean Area

1997 Finalist | Spain

Eleven new bioclimatic buildings incorporating 241 flats are being built as part of the REMMA Project. 64 dwel…

The Wise Group

1997 Finalist | United Kingdom

Established in 1983, the Wise Group of companies have insulated 120,000 houses (resulting in energy savings of…