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Wintringham Port Melbourne Hostel, Melbourne

1998 Winner | Australia

Wintringham Hostel, Port Melbourne is an attractively designed complex for 35 homeless men and women aged over…

The Grameen Bank Housing Programme

1998 Winner | Bangladesh

The Grameen Bank established a housing loan programme in 1984 to enable poor rural families to own permanent a…

Programme of Housing and Urban Environment

1998 Finalist | Colombia

This project is an excellent example of how the private sector can act as a spur to improve the living standar…

Fundación Promotora de Vivienda (FUPROVI)

1998 Finalist | Costa Rica

FUPROVI is an NGO operating a range of programmes in Costa Rica dealing with low-income housing, community dev…

Cayo Hueso Ward Conservation Project

1998 Finalist | Cuba

The Cayo Hueso Ward Conservation Project involves the rehabilitation ehabilitation of a dilapidated historical…

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1998 Finalist | Denmark

Completed in 1996, this project in Dagor, Denmark, initiates a new construction system for low-cost housing wh…

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The Urban Ecology Project of Aalborg

1998 Finalist | Denmark

A large-scale urban renewal ecological project involving 350 dwellings. It focuses on energy and water saving …

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Integrated Slum Clearance – Program in Oued Zem Town

1998 Finalist | Morocco

This project is part of a government initiated slum clearance programme in Oued Zem. The slums are linked into…

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Barcelona Pretty-Up

1998 Finalist | Spain

A continuous stream of projects was carried out in Barcelona between 1985 - 1996 with a view to the complete r…

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The Human Development Centre

1998 Finalist | Thailand

This project seeks to help the disadvantaged slum communities of Bangkok by helping the poor to help themsleve…