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Improvement Without Barriers

2015 Finalist | Colombia

Disabled people on low incomes face significant challenges. Poor access and inadequate housing mean they are o…

Nashira, a Song of Love, a women-led project

2015 Finalist | Colombia

Nashira Un Canto de Amor (a song of love) is an eco-village in rural Colombia built for and by women who have …

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Ecobarrio Suerte 90

2005 Finalist | Colombia

This environmentally and socially sustainable eco-village in Cali includes 222 homes as well as recreational f…

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Horizontal International Co-operation Among Latin American NGOs

2001 Finalist | Colombia

The Servivienda approach to housing provision uses a light pre-fabrication construction technology, together w…

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Programme of Housing and Urban Environment

1998 Finalist | Colombia

This project is an excellent example of how the private sector can act as a spur to improve the living standar…

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Dispersed Users Housing Programme

1997 Finalist | Colombia

This is an ongoing housing programme established in 1976, with 60,000 dwelling units completed to date. The ho…

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Cuidadela Nueva Tibabuyes

1995 Finalist | Colombia

This project comprises a single housing development of 5,000 homes for low-income families. A social programme…