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Sostre Cívic

2023 Silver | Spain

Housing policy in Spain has historically favoured owner-occupancy, with just 15% of the country’s housing avai…

Intervention and Mediation Service for Situations of Housing Loss and/or Occupation (SIPHO)

2023 Bronze | Spain

The costs of renting or paying off a mortgage in Barcelona, Spain, have risen much faster than the population’…

Viviendas para las Entidades Sociales

2019 Gold | Spain

Since the global financial crash in 2008, Spain has struggled to meet housing need. The country’s constr…

La Borda

2019 Bronze | Spain

When Spain’s housing bubble ‘burst’ following the 2008 global financial crisis, thousands of families lo…

Municipal Project for Intergenerational Housing and Community Services in Alicante

2012 Finalist | Spain

Initiated in 2003 by the Municipal Housing Board of Alicante (PMV), the Municipal Project for Intergenerationa…

Rental Mediation Programme

2011 Finalist | Spain

Provivienda through the Rental Mediation Programme mediates between property owners and individuals experienci…

Barcelona Pretty-Up

1998 Finalist | Spain

A continuous stream of projects was carried out in Barcelona between 1985 - 1996 with a view to the complete r…

Residential Energy Management in the Mediterranean Area

1997 Finalist | Spain

Eleven new bioclimatic buildings incorporating 241 flats are being built as part of the REMMA Project. 64 dwel…