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Orangi Low-cost Housing and Sanitation Programme

2001 Winner | Pakistan

The Orangi Pilot Project - Research and Training Institute (OPP-RTI) initiated the community self-help program…

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East Lake Commons Conservation Community, Atlanta

2001 Winner | United States of America

The East Lake Commons Conservation Community in Atlanta, USA, successfully demonstrates how residential develo…

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The Macquarie Fields Community Renewal Strategy

2001 Finalist | Australia

A well thought out and executed social housing estate redevelopment programme that seeks to address underlying…

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East Baiyutan Residential District

2001 Finalist | China People's Republic of

This highly attractive living environment provides affordable houses to low and middle-income families who wer…

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Horizontal International Co-operation Among Latin American NGOs

2001 Finalist | Colombia

The Servivienda approach to housing provision uses a light pre-fabrication construction technology, together w…

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Solar Housing through Innovation for the Natural Environment (SHINE)

2001 Finalist | France

The project demonstrates new and innovative solutions to energy conservation and efficiency, whilst at the sam…

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Wekssiedlung Piesteritz

2001 Finalist | Germany

This project has provided an excellent renovation of a valuable architectural and historical worker’s village …

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Vikas Community at Auroville

2001 Finalist | India

Environmentally appropriate materials, design and methodologies have been used to build these environmentally …

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Comprehensive Housing Program of Puerto Princesa City

2001 Finalist | Philippines

Established in 1970, Puerto Princesa is a new city of 150,000 people in a remote area of the Philippines. Its …

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Assisted Self-help Housing Project

2001 Finalist | South Africa

The Sazhezethu Ngomanyano Assisted Self-Help Housing Project (SNHA) provides an example of a sustainable appro…