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Build Together Programme

1995 Winner | Namibia

The Build Together Programme of Namibia aims to meet large-scale housing needs through an enabling approach to…

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Tent City, Boston

1995 Winner | United States of America

Tent City is a 269 unit mixed-income housing complex of outstanding design in the heart of Boston, Massachuset…

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McLean Lodge

1995 Finalist | Australia

McLean Lodge is a 34-bed hostel for frail elderly poor persons. It consists of three purpose-built houses and …

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Cuidadela Nueva Tibabuyes

1995 Finalist | Colombia

This project comprises a single housing development of 5,000 homes for low-income families. A social programme…

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Mariendalsvej Housing Project for the Elderly

1995 Finalist | Denmark

This co-housing project was built in 1993 to combine sustainable design with the provision of accommodation su…

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Jystrup Sawmill Housing Co-operative

1995 Finalist | Denmark

A housing co-operative built in 1984 consisting of 21 smaller private housing units and a large common area, a…

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Ecological Housing at Geroldsacker

1995 Finalist | Germany

Completed in 1994, this ecological housing project demonstrates not only sound ecological principles but also …

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Participative Planning in the Refugee Settlement of Thebes

1995 Finalist | Greece

Regeneration of the refugee settlement of Thebes began in 1984 with the full participation of the inhabitants.…

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Nirmithri Kendra (Building Centre)

1995 Finalist | India

The Nirmithri Kendra organisation was established in 1986 to construct, advise and help build cost-effective h…

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Global Program for Shelter Upgrading in Taza, Morocco

1995 Finalist | Morocco

A comprehensive approach to the eradication of substandard housing in the city of Taza, Morocco. In this six-y…