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As just one organisation operating across the entire planet, we know our staff and board of trustees can never be as diverse as the multiplicity of people we serve, but we are on a journey that aims to bring us closer. We’re building an organisation and a work culture where difference is valued; where the views and insights of the people around the world we work with, enhance and enrich what we do and ultimately make us more successful at achieving our mission.

What we are doing

  • Commitment to improvement – In our 2022/2023 strategy we continued our commitment to improving diversity. We have agreed to increase diversity on the board, and introduced a ratchet so that diversity will not decrease again in the future.  All staff and trustees have received diversity training. Our commitment to increasing our diversity will be published on our website and reflected in our delivery plans with a set of clear actionable steps. We will ensure that our website and social media reflect this commitment.
  • A good employer – We will update and commit to annual diversity monitoring. We will strengthen our recruitment process in line with good practice. We will commit to regular diversity training for all staff (at least once a year). We follow FREDIE, devised by the National Centre for Diversity. FREDIE stands for Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement.
    • Fairness is about being reasonable, right and just.
    • Respect is having due regard for feelings, wishes and rights of others.
    • Equality is about making sure people are treated fairly and given fair chances whilst recognising they may have different needs to meet.
    • Diversity describes a commitment to recognising and respecting differences between people while valuing the contribution they can make to the organisation.
    • Inclusion is encouraging innovation within the workplace, allowing people to contribute to the way things can be done for the better
    • Engagement shows a two-way communication and commitment between our organisation, our people and our partners.
  • Improving how we work with others – As a global charity we will build on the diverse nature of our networks to improve our work on diversity by actively involving them in shaping our work and actively seeking feedback.
  • Investors in diversity  In 2021, our approach was recognised by the National Centre for Diversity and we received the ‘Investors in Diversity Award’ for small charities for a period of two years. In 2023, this was renewed until 2025.

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