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Our Values

An Agent for change

  • We seek to be a catalyst to bring about positive change
  • We work to influence policy and practice that leads to beneficial social change
  • We provide opportunities for creative thinking and action

Globally minded

  • We build understanding of connections between people, their homes and the planet
  • We promote the adaptation and transfer of solutions across contexts and borders
  • We connect people and ideas to foster collaboration and the free sharing of knowledge


  • We are impartial, professional, and act with integrity
  • We maintain our freedom to focus on issues that are relevant and important
  • We nurture community resilience and self-reliance


  • We encourage fresh thinking on housing policy and practice
  • We focus on practical and scalable solutions
  • We tackle difficult, sometimes unfashionable issues, because they matter


  • We are committed to social justice and equality of opportunity
  • We are focused on sustainable outcomes for people, both now and for future generations
  • We value diversity and respecting all individuals

Well Connected

  • We value being connected to people who have direct experience of the issues we care about
  • We work in partnership with others so that together we can have more influence
  • We work together with others best placed to deliver real change

Our Vision

A world where everyone has a safe and secure home in a successful community

Our Mission

We are a catalyst for change, we:

  • help generate great ideas and identify best housing practice from around the world
  • transfer those ideas and practices to places where they are needed most
  • help ideas grow so they benefit people who need them

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