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Módulo Sanitario

2021 Bronze | Argentina

Sanitation is a growing problem in Argentina, where six million people (almost one-in-seven of the population)…

Post-earthquake housing reconstruction

2021 Bronze | Mexico

In September 2017, Mexico was shaken by two powerful earthquakes. The first occurred on 7 September in the Pac…

Healthy Homes for Humanity

2019 Bronze | Guatemala

When Guatemala’s 36-year civil war ended in 1996, the country was left fragmented and its people subject…

Promoting local building cultures in Haiti

2018 Special Mention | Haiti

In January 2010, a devastating earthquake shook the Caribbean nation of Haiti to its core. The disaster and su…

How the community rescued the historic centre of San Salvador

2017 Finalist | El Salvador

Many historic town and city centres in El Salvador have suffered years of neglect and a lack of investment. H…

From Disaster to Dignity

2017 Finalist | El Salvador

In 1998, a group of 110 women started ACAMS (Asociación Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Mujeres Solidarias, T…

Intercultural Neighbourhood

2016 Finalist | Argentina

The Intercultural Neighbourhood is within an area of land of approximately 400 hectares known as Plot 27. It …

Resilient Social Housing

2016 Finalist | Chile

The 2010 earthquake and tsunami destroyed 11,400 buildings on the Chilean coast – shattering people’s houses …

Reconstruction of Habitat

2016 Finalist | Mexico

Since the hurricanes of September 2013, Cooperación Comunitaria has been working in the Montaña de Guerrero r…

Caño Martín Peña Community Land Trust

2015 Winner | Puerto Rico

A community land trust is helping transform an informal settlement around a polluted and flood prone river cha…