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Introducing Community Land Trusts in Continental Europe

2021 Gold | Belgium

Dramatically rising house prices and an insufficient supply of social housing mean people on low incomes in Br…

Housing Monitor: Monitoring and Advocating the Right to Housing for Vulnerable Communities

2021 Gold | Lebanon

Housing injustice is a growing problem in Lebanon, where government policies provide very few protections for …

Integrated Community Development for Poverty Reduction

2021 Silver | Bhutan

Bhutan is a landlocked country high up in the eastern Himalayan mountains. Its population of 770,000 is scatte…

Hull Women’s Safe Homes

2021 Silver | United Kingdom

The city of Hull has one of the highest incidences of domestic abuse in England. The local authority estimates…

Módulo Sanitario

2021 Bronze | Argentina

Sanitation is a growing problem in Argentina, where six million people (almost one-in-seven of the population)…

Building Homes Collectively for Better Habitat

2021 Bronze | Indonesia

More than 19 million people live under threat of earthquakes and tsunamis on the eastern Indonesian island of …

Post-earthquake housing reconstruction

2021 Bronze | Mexico

In September 2017, Mexico was shaken by two powerful earthquakes. The first occurred on 7 September in the Pac…

MiCASiTA: Incremental Financing for Affordable Home Expansion

2021 Bronze | United States of America

The Rio Grande Valley (RGV), in the southernmost tip of Texas, is one of the poorest areas in the United State…