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Homes For Good

2023 Gold | Scotland

State investment in new social homes has been decreasing in the UK since the late 1970s. Existing social housi…

UrbaSEN and the Senegalese Federation of Inhabitants

2023 Gold | Senegal

A devastating drought in Senegal in the 1970s and 1980s provoked a rural exodus and massive settlement around …

Sostre Cívic

2023 Silver | Spain

Housing policy in Spain has historically favoured owner-occupancy, with just 15% of the country’s housing avai…

MicroBuild Fund

2023 Silver | Worldwide

At least 1.6 billion people worldwide live in substandard housing – but for low-income families in the d…

Mas Coop: An intergenerational, ecological, and solidarity-based residents’ cooperative

2023 Bronze | France

Housing affordability is a growing crisis in France. As urban gentrification and financialisation of housing s…

Jaga Mission – Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission

2023 Bronze | India

In the east Indian state of Odisha, more than 1.7 million people – about 25% of the state’s total popula…


2023 Bronze | Latin America

In Latin America, 120 million people live in informal settlements and/or inadequate housing conditions, and 70…

Renta Tu Casa

2023 Bronze | Mexico

In Mexico, millions of homes stand empty. They are the legacy of a shift in housing policy in the 1990s, throu…

Community-Driven Housing and Informal Settlement Upgrading

2023 Bronze | Namibia

Following independence in 1990, Namibia experienced massive migration from rural to urban areas, where a lack …

Intervention and Mediation Service for Situations of Housing Loss and/or Occupation (SIPHO)

2023 Bronze | Spain

The costs of renting or paying off a mortgage in Barcelona, Spain, have risen much faster than the population’…