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Restoration of dignity and human rights of indigenous tribal community in Karnataka

2019 Gold | India

For centuries, the caste system dictated every aspect of people’s lives in India, creating enormous ineq…

Viviendas para las Entidades Sociales

2019 Gold | Spain

Since the global financial crash in 2008, Spain has struggled to meet housing need. The country’s constr…

Discus Housing First

2019 Silver | Netherlands

Homelessness is a growing problem across Europe. In Amsterdam, high private sector rents and a shortage of 70,…

Building with EARTH

2019 Bronze | China

Construction with earthen materials is one of the oldest traditional building techniques in the world and has …

Healthy Homes for Humanity

2019 Bronze | Guatemala

When Guatemala’s 36-year civil war ended in 1996, the country was left fragmented and its people subject…

Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission

2019 Bronze | India

The east Indian state of Odisha has a population of more than 41.9 million people. Over the past decade, the s…

La Borda

2019 Bronze | Spain

When Spain’s housing bubble ‘burst’ following the 2008 global financial crisis, thousands of families lo…

#GreenNFit Neighbourhood Rebuild

2019 Bronze | United States of America

The city of Springfield is one of the poorest and most ethnically diverse communities in the state of Massachu…

Dzivarasekwa Slum Upgrading

2019 Bronze | Zimbabwe

Following independence in 1980, Zimbabwe experienced massive rural to urban migration, but a lack of housing d…