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How the community rescued the historic centre of San Salvador

2017 Finalist | El Salvador

Many historic town and city centres in El Salvador have suffered years of neglect and a lack of investment. H…

From Disaster to Dignity

2017 Finalist | El Salvador

In 1998, a group of 110 women started ACAMS (Asociación Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Mujeres Solidarias, T…

Rural Habitat Improvements

2014 Finalist | El Salvador

A project led by FUNDASAL (the Salvadoran Foundation for Development and Low-cost Housing) to improve health a…

La Paz Post-earthquake Reconstruction Programme

2004 Winner | El Salvador

This housing reconstruction programme demonstrates how successful community development can result from rebuil…

Rehabilitation of Community Las Palmas

1999 Finalist | El Salvador

Rehabilitation of a large, dilapidated shanty housing area involving the community (5,000 people) throughout i…