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Módulo Sanitario

2021 Bronze | Argentina

Sanitation is a growing problem in Argentina, where six million people (almost one-in-seven of the population)…

Intercultural Neighbourhood

2016 Finalist | Argentina

The Intercultural Neighbourhood is within an area of land of approximately 400 hectares known as Plot 27. It …

Community Management of Urban Infrastructure and Housing Improvements in Greater Buenos Aires

2013 Finalist | Argentina

Over the last 20 years, Fundación Pro Vivienda Social (Social Housing Foundation – FPVS) has worked to improve…

Federal Housing and Habitat Improvement Programme for Indigenous and Rural People

2011 Finalist | Argentina

The Federal Housing and Habitat Improvement Programme for Indigenous and Rural People is a state-run programme…

Rosario Habitat

2010 Finalist | Argentina

Founded in 1927, the Public Housing Service (SPV) is a department of the Rosario municipal government, working…

Technological Transfer Processes for Popular Habitat

2009 Finalist | Argentina

AVE/CEVE is a a non-governmental organisation dedicated to research, technological development, transfer and t…

Monteagudo Housing Project

2008 Finalist | Argentina

Complejo Monteagudo is a community-led and managed housing project involving the mutual-help construction of 3…

Hábitat y Desarrollo Rural en Valle Azul

2005 Finalist | Argentina

The civil society organisation ‘Un Techo para mi Hermano’ has developed a participatory rural housing initiati…

Technologies for Social Habitat, CEVE’s Practice

2004 Finalist | Argentina

The Centro Experimental de la Vivienda Económica (CEVE), member of Asociacion de la Vivienda Económica (AVE), …