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Renta Tu Casa

2023 Bronze | Mexico

In Mexico, millions of homes stand empty. They are the legacy of a shift in housing policy in the 1990s, throu…

Post-earthquake housing reconstruction

2021 Bronze | Mexico

In September 2017, Mexico was shaken by two powerful earthquakes. The first occurred on 7 September in the Pac…

Reconstruction of Habitat

2016 Finalist | Mexico

Since the hurricanes of September 2013, Cooperación Comunitaria has been working in the Montaña de Guerrero r…

Indigenous people building their homes

2014 Finalist | Mexico

Indigenous communities in the Sierra Norte de Puebla region in Mexico live in extreme poverty in houses that a…

Green Mortgage

2012 Winner | Mexico

Green Mortgage is a housing finance scheme developed by the Institute for the National Workers’ Housing Fund (…

Calakmul Rural Housing Programme

2012 Finalist | Mexico

The Calakmul Rural Housing Programme was initiated in 2004 by Échale a tu Casa, a social franchise programme d…

Community Programme for Neighbourhood Improvement

2011 Winner | Mexico

The Community Programme for Neighbourhood Improvement (PCMB) is a community-driven neighbourhood improvement p…

Programa de Vivienda Popular

2004 Finalist | Mexico

This incremental housing programme, developed by the community-based organisation UCISV-VER, combines resource…