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Green Mortgage

2012 Winner | Mexico

Green Mortgage is a housing finance scheme developed by the Institute for the National Workers’ Housing Fund (…

South-South Cooperation: international transfer of the FUCVAM model of mutual aid housing cooperatives

2012 Winner | Uruguay

FUCVAM is a federation of mutual aid housing cooperatives, and is the largest, oldest and most active social m…

Odyssey House Family Units

2012 Finalist | Australia

Odyssey House Family Units offer a residential rehabilitation programme based in Melbourne, Australia that ena…

IGLOO France

2012 Finalist | France

The IGLOO France association works to support local organisations involved in the field of housing and socioec…

Simon de Cyrène

2012 Finalist | France

The Association Simon de Cyrène (ASC) promotes, develops and manages well-located, affordable and shared housi…

Build Change: Post-Earthquake Housing Reconstruction in West Sumatra

2012 Finalist | Indonesia

The Post-Earthquake Reconstruction project in West Sumatra, Indonesia, was developed by the international non-…

Dajopen Waste Management Project

2012 Finalist | Kenya

The Dajopen Waste Management (DWM) group is a community-based organisation based in the town of Kitale, Kenya.…

Calakmul Rural Housing Programme

2012 Finalist | Mexico

The Calakmul Rural Housing Programme was initiated in 2004 by Échale a tu Casa, a social franchise programme d…

Municipal Project for Intergenerational Housing and Community Services in Alicante

2012 Finalist | Spain

Initiated in 2003 by the Municipal Housing Board of Alicante (PMV), the Municipal Project for Intergenerationa…

Solutions to Global Aging

2012 Finalist | United States of America

Mia Senior Living Solutions (Mia) has developed an affordable assisted living model that allows low-income and…