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A Roof, A Skill, A Market

2016 Winner | Burkina Faso

This project revives the ancient Egyptian architectural approach of using sun-dried mud bricks to create va…

More than Housing

2016 Winner | Switzerland

‘More than Housing’ is a large housing cooperative development that seeks to anticipate the future needs of i…

Passiv Solar Verandas

2016 Finalist | Afghanistan

Passiv Solar Verandas are wood-framed structures built against the south-facing wall of a house. The project …

Intercultural Neighbourhood

2016 Finalist | Argentina

The Intercultural Neighbourhood is within an area of land of approximately 400 hectares known as Plot 27. It …

Resilient Social Housing

2016 Finalist | Chile

The 2010 earthquake and tsunami destroyed 11,400 buildings on the Chilean coast – shattering people’s houses …

Urban Shelter Project

2016 Finalist | Jordan

The Urban Shelter Project creates new housing units in Jordan for Syrian refugees to live in rent-free for 18…

Promoting Eco-sanitation in Informal Settlements

2016 Finalist | Kenya

Through this eco-sanitation project, the Umande Trust seeks to involve marginalised communities living in urb…

Reconstruction of Habitat

2016 Finalist | Mexico

Since the hurricanes of September 2013, Cooperación Comunitaria has been working in the Montaña de Guerrero r…

50,000 Houses for War Victims

2016 Finalist | Sri Lanka

Following the prolonged civil war in Sri Lanka from 1983 to 2009, the Government of India took the decision t…

Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust

2016 Finalist | United Kingdom

Granby 4 Streets and its predecessor community group have, for many years, kept the Granby community together…