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‘Model Street’ – making cities together

2018 Finalist | Kenya

The Dandora dumpsite is the largest informal landfill site in East Africa, stretching out over 30 acres in the…

Promoting Eco-sanitation in Informal Settlements

2016 Finalist | Kenya

Through this eco-sanitation project, the Umande Trust seeks to involve marginalised communities living in urb…

Dajopen Waste Management Project

2012 Finalist | Kenya

The Dajopen Waste Management (DWM) group is a community-based organisation based in the town of Kitale, Kenya.…

Technical Team Planning for Self-Help Housing in the Kambi Moto Community

2009 Finalist | Kenya

This programme is working to enable the 270 households of Kambi Moto informal settlement to gain security of t…

Maasai Integrated Shelter Project

2004 Finalist | Kenya

Initiated in response to the changing livelihood needs of the nomadic Maasai population, this project provides…

Tanzania Bondeni Community Land Trust Project

1997 Finalist | Kenya

Innovative land tenure model to promote communal ownership of land. Tanzania-Bondeni was an informal settlemen…