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Collective titles – The future of land rights for informal settlements?

by Mariangela Veronesi

Across the world, there’s been a rise in a trend which might sound surprising. Many people living in informal …

Intersections: from North American CLT experiences to global connections

by Mariangela Veronesi

“Act locally, but think globally!’ Across different continents, finding (and keeping) affordable, satisfying h…

Setting the global agenda for community-led housing

by Mariangela Veronesi

Some rooms just feel like they’re filled with so much inspiration, knowledge and passion. We were very lucky t…

Time to end LGBTQ+ discrimination in housing

by Mariangela Veronesi

A few years ago my sister was telling me that she was keen to volunteer for the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT) …

Community-led housing in Latin America and beyond

by Mariangela Veronesi

Over the last few months, my work phone has been buzzing more actively than ever. In one click, I am suddenly …

LGBT+ Communities – equal citizens in our urban future?

by Mariangela Veronesi

After months of discussions, reviews and amendments, the New Urban Agenda was agreed at the Habitat III confer…