This highly attractive living environment provides affordable houses to low and middle-income families who were formerly living in very poor accommodation. Innovative design, planning and management systems have been recognised nationally and internationally. 1,845 sets of condominiums were built on 16 ha of poor quality land in the north of Huzhou City. 42 per cent of the area today is accounted for by green areas and a range of community facilities has been provided. The development has been included as an organic part of the city with good links to the city centre and other residential neighbourhoods. Low interest government loans which are available for construction for low/ middle-income families accounted for 30 per cent of the investment, 20 per cent came from commercial banks and the remaining 50 per cent was provided by the developers who are allowed to sell the apartments for a small (5 per cent) profit. The construction programme itself stimulated the local economy and local people were trained in building skills.


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