A well thought out and executed social housing estate redevelopment programme that seeks to address underlying social problems as well as the physical improvements. The Macquarie Fields Estate covers 11.5 ha and is home to 5,000 people. It was built in the 1970s and was experiencing the full range of social problems and physical deterioration that is commonly associated with such developments. The physical renewal works being carried out include the redesign of the subdivision plan, refurbishment of housing, improvements in the streetscapes and open space, the reversal of houses to face the street (previously developed on the Radburn principle) and measures to improve safety in the public areas. The tenure on the estate is to become more mixed, with the sale of some of the houses after the creation of individual lots. Resident involvement has been a central guiding principle for the project with the community being involved at all stages, including identifying the issues and opportunities. An attempt is also being made to address the underlying causes of the social problems, with support being provided for families to break out of poverty and the welfare dependency cycle and to improve opportunities for children and adolescents. Tenants are offered opportunities to participate in a pilot horticultural training programme and self-employment ventures supported by the Department of Housing.


Local government, local community, national government