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Tatry and Arbour Mill Non-Profit Housing Complex

1996 Winner | Canada

The Tatry and Arbour Mill Non-Profit Housing Project in Canada is a 248 unit rental apartment complex in subur…

Viviendas del Hogar de Cristo, Guayaquil

1996 Winner | Ecuador

This project was originally established by a local priest 25 years ago and has provided 100,000 homes to date …

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Crystal Waters Permaculture Village

1996 Finalist | Australia

The Crystal Waters Permaculture Village in Australia has carried out important pioneering work in demonstratin…

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Housing Improvement and Densification

1996 Finalist | Chile

Completed in 1995, this project of fifty-five units seeks to improve the housing conditions of the poorest of …

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Solar Low-energy Project

1996 Finalist | Denmark

Rehabilitation of an old inner-city housing block containing 80 flats in Copenhagen. A total energy design has…

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Low-income Communities Infrastructure Project (NWFP)

1996 Finalist | Pakistan

This project seeks to improve the living conditions of low-income communities by providing basic amenities in …

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Khao Kho Resettlement Housing Project

1996 Finalist | Thailand

Completed in 1993, this project of 50 houses seeks to create a sustainable rural settlement on land that has b…

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21 Years of Community Architecture

1996 Finalist | United Kingdom

Community architecture was pioneered in the UK in 1974 by Dr Rod Hackney. He organised local groups and reside…

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Habitat for Humanity International

1996 Finalist | United States of America

Habitat for Humanity International was established in 1976 to assist the poor and homeless, both in the United…

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Women Headed Household Co-operative

1996 Finalist | Uruguay

The project has converted a large old derelict building in the centre of Montevideo to provide 12 flats with a…