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Life and death on the streets of Alicante

by Lyndall Stein

Alicante has joined the European End Street Homelessness Campaign. Over 2 nights during November 150 volunteer…

The gift of receiving – and a campaign changed me

by Lyndall Stein

I live in central London and have done for decades – right by its beating heart the great flowing Thames…

Old bones on hard stones

by Lyndall Stein

I joined 55 determined people for a community briefing event in Croydon on a warm Saturday in September attend…

The loveliness of Londoners – and the pain and loss

by Lyndall Stein

Despite the sun shining it has been a dark time in the world recently. It has been difficult to keep focusing …

Old lace and fragile lives

by Lyndall Stein

Valencia in Spain is famous for its wonderful lace and, of course, its oranges. It’s a beautiful city and has …