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New Living Program

2000 Winner | Australia

The project was initiated to deal with run-down areas of social housing and the problems arising from high ris…

Chagas 2000

2000 Winner | Bolivia

The programme seeks to control Chagas, a parasitic illness affecting the rural poor in the high Andes of Latin…

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Healthy, Low-energy Houses for Refugees and Socially Vulnerable Groups

2000 Finalist | Belarus

The housing being provided in this programme uses straw bale and mud-straw technology which is low-cost, low-e…

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Slum Dweller’s Self-help Housing, Bombay, India

2000 Finalist | India

This project aims to encourage people living on pavements to find alternatives for a better habitat through he…

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Jamaica Urban Poverty Project

2000 Finalist | Jamaica

This integrated project deals with a whole range of issues relating to poverty alleviation. Implemented by the…

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Manara Sub-projects

2000 Finalist | Jordan

Manara Sub-Projects provide 3,320 residential plots on 106 hectares of land. All dwellings were built at the o…

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Bureau de Projet d’Assistance aux Collectivités pour l’Habitat Social

2000 Finalist | Senegal

The Office for Assisting Cooperative Housing Projects (BAHSO) was established in 1986 and a revolving fund was…

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Affordable Shelter Using Timber Poles

2000 Finalist | Sri Lanka

In 1991 TRADA initiated a project designed to promote the use of timber poles in construction in response to t…

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41 Plantamour

2000 Finalist | Switzerland

41 Plantamour is an old six-storey traditional building containing 12 flats in the centre of Geneva. Cooperati…

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Focus Foyer

2000 Finalist | United Kingdom

A large Foyer providing accommodation for eighty young persons aged 16 - 25. It is situated in the city centre…