A large Foyer providing accommodation for eighty young persons aged 16 – 25. It is situated in the city centre next to the canal, in an area that is currently receiving investment as part of a regeneration programme. The Foyer offers, on a daily basis, on-site guidance and advice alongside education, career and employment choices within a framework. It is accredited examinations centre and a recognised ‘Gateways to Guidance’ provider. It contains a fully equipped information technology suite that is Internet-linked, a training suite and a resource room containing a careers libraryand jobsearch facilities. These facilities are available to young people in the project plus members of the local community. It also provides advice on housing issues. Residents meetings are held monthly and they also have a place on the management board. Local communities and businesses are part of a ‘Friends of the Foyer’ group. Facilities at the Foyer are also available for the local community to use.


Private sector, local community, academic/research