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What is the value of global knowledge exchange to local community-led housing initiatives?

by Dr Tom Moore

Dr Tom Moore, is Senior Lecturer in Housing and Planning at the University of Liverpool [email protected]

Community-Led Housing, reaffirmed, promoted, and celebrated

by Pierre Arnold

Helsinki, Finland, was this year’s convergence place for grassroots organisations, practitioners, thinkers, po…

Conversations on a Belgrade Balcony: Reflections on the past, present and future-housing

by Mariangela Veronesi

Mariangela Veronesi, Programme Lead for the Global Community-led Housing Programme, blogs about her chat with …

Experiences in Supporting Co-operative Housing Development in Central and South-Eastern Europe

by Ana Džokić & Rok Ramšak

Ana Džokić and Rok Ramšak are from emerging housing initiatives in Belgrade and Ljubljana – part of MOBA…

Community finance for affordable housing in Africa

by Anne-Lize Hertgers Eloise Pelaud & Bea Varnai

Anne-Lize Hertgers, Eloise Pelaud and Bea Varnai are part of urbaMonde, a French-Swiss organisation that suppo…

Some sunshine in between the clouds: my visit to Trapicheiros in Rio de Janeiro

by Mariana Gallo

As the process to introduce Community Land Trusts in Brazil reaches its second phase, Mariana Gallo (Programme…

‘It is all about community’ at the UK’s first LGBT+ affirming retirement community

by Anna Kear

Anna Kear is CEO of Tonic Housing. The most common question I’m asked is: why is there a need for LGBT+ affirm…

Community-Led Housing: resisting evictions and foreclosure during COVID-19

by Pierre Arnold & Nina Quintas

Pierre Arnold and Nina Quintas are project managers at urbaMonde, a French-Swiss organisation that promotes Co…

Time for communities to be given real power

by Tom Chance

Following news that the government has reinstated the Community Housing Fund in England, Tom Chance, CEO at th…

Collective titles – The future of land rights for informal settlements?

by Mariangela Veronesi

Across the world, there’s been a rise in a trend which might sound surprising. Many people living in informal …