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Rural Health and Environment Programme

2003 Winner | India

The Rural Health and Environment Programme successfully demonstrates how communities can be involved in the su…

The Prince George

2003 Winner | United States of America

This restoration of a large derelict hotel building in New York has provided affordable accommodation for 416 …

Housing Solutions for Peace and Development

2003 Finalist | Guatemala

This nationwide housing programme arose out of the 1996 Peace Accords established in Guatemala at the end of a…

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Jaunapur Slum Resettlement Scheme

2003 Finalist | India

This pilot project involves a cluster design for 57 low-cost dwellings on degraded highland near the city of D…

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First-time Homes for Young Couples

2003 Finalist | Italy

The First-time Homes for Young Couples project was developed by the Andria Housing Cooperative to meet the nee…

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Improved Traditional Housing Systems

2003 Finalist | Papua New Guinea

Traditional design and construction systems have been adapted to meet modern housing needs in Papua New Guinea…

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Building Partnerships to Eradicate Poverty

2003 Finalist | Poland

The revitalisation of neglected and bankrupt former state farms and apartment blocks enables the Barka Foundat…

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Fairfield Housing Co-operative

2003 Finalist | United Kingdom

A tenant-run housing cooperative is responsible for the social and environmental regeneration of this disadvan…

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Colorado Court

2003 Finalist | United States of America

One of the first energy-neutral buildings in the USA, this five-storey complex of 54 apartments provides affor…