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Building and Construction Improvement Programme

2006 Winner | Pakistan

The Building and Construction Improvement Programme works with local communities in Pakistan to develop and ma…

Johannesburg Housing Company

2006 Winner | South Africa

The work of Johannesburg Housing Company (JHC) involves the development and adaptive re-use of city-centre bui…

Lighthouse Wien

2006 Finalist | Austria

Initiated by a self-help association, the Lighthouse Wien project involves the refurbishment of existing build…

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Healthy Natural, Low-energy and Inexpensive Houses

2006 Finalist | Belarus

This project uses straw-bale construction methods to provide low-income households in the Chernobyl area of Be…

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The New Generation of Yaodong Cave Dwellings, Loess Plateau

2006 Finalist | China People's Republic of

Over 1,000 environmentally sustainable dwellings have been built in the Yaodong cave area of the Loess Plateau…

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Shelter Development Programme for Palmyrah Workers

2006 Finalist | India

Initiated by the Palmyrah Workers' Development Society (PWDS), this project works to enable families to build …

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U Focularu: The Home Village

2006 Finalist | Italy

Initiated by the Italian Council for Refugees and the Badolato Municipality, this project provides decent, saf…

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Tuindorp Kethel

2006 Finalist | Netherlands

This project involves the renovation of Tuindorp Kethel, a post-war garden village of 241 low-cost single-fami…

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Integrated Shelter Delivery Programme

2006 Finalist | Philippines

This project provides an integrated solution to the housing, land, health and livelihood problems faced by soc…

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Windy Hill Apartments

2006 Finalist | United States of America

With guidance from low-income communities, Rural Opportunities, Inc. develops and operates programs that empow…