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ZERO evictions from 27,000 social housing tenancies: How Newcastle is leading the way

by Ella Hancock

To work World Homeless Day earlier this week, we are looking at Beacon Cities – examples of cities where…

Helsinki is still leading the way in ending homelessness – but how are they doing it?

by Ella Hancock

In this blog, to mark World Homeless Day on 10 October, we look at how the Finland city’s Housing First approa…

‘It is our fight, but it is a common fight too’ – World Habitat showcases best practice on the world stage

by Ella Hancock

“It is our fight, but it is a common fight too” was a key message from Vera Kovács, co-leader of Utcáról Lakás…

We won’t end homelessness until what’s considered innovative now, becomes the standard everywhere

by Ella Hancock

Ella Hancock, who has recently joined World Habitat to work on the European End Street Homelessness Campaign, …