After several public workshops with the local community and the city’s elected officials, it was determined that two main concerns were to reduce energy consumption resulting from air conditioning in the extremely hot summer (120 oC maximum) and to establish a community life that improved the quality of the life for the residents in order to reduce the isolation of senior citizens. Ninety single storey apartments are organised into a series of inter connecting pedestrian spaces and groups of six units focus onto east-west passages that feed onto courts at the centre of the site. Cars are close at hand but kept out of sight in single storey garages. Private unshaded outdoor spaces and fully enclosed interior living spaces are connected by a covered outdoor room. These provide spaces for cooling the air and for social interaction. A shaded breakfast atrium provides a second cool sink for fresh air. Thermal chimneys inspired by the wind towers of the middle east allow high venting of hot air and capturing of cooler night breezes.


Private sector, academic/research, local government, local community