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Bratislava-based NGO oz Prima, with support from World Habitat’s Innovation Fund, launched a new documentary video last month for International Human Rights Day 2021.

Prima is a key partner, along with lead organisation Stopa Slovensko, in the European End Street Homelessness Campaign in Bratislava, and has worked in the field of alcohol abuse and drug addiction since 1998. Prima´s programmes are based on the harm reduction model – a client-centred public health approach proven to be most effective in reducing sexual and drug related harm.  Despite the great work they do, Prima continues to find itself fighting for the rights of those whom some in society still see and treat as outsiders.

You can view the video here, and read about their work here.

Sabina Bredova, Streetworker and Contact Centre Coordinator at oz Prima said:

“The civic association PRIMA has been operating in Slovakia for 23 years and we were the first to bring the concept of harm reduction to Slovakia. Despite the long journey, we and our clients are still ‘Outsiders’ to many.

“The video documenting our work points to the other side of the coin. The message is to show people that there are a lot of good, positive things in the darkness of our work, that we work with people and their destinies, building closeness and trust, and that the problems individuals have with drug use and addiction do not make them less valuable or important than we are.”

Patrick Duce, Programme Lead (Homelessness) at World Habitat, said:

“World Habitat believes that everyone deserves a home, with the necessary level of support to help them keep it. For many people without a home however, tackling complex challenges around sexual and drug related harm can be a huge barrier to access and maintaining a stable home life away from the streets.

“We are proud to support the work of PRIMA, who are a vital partner alongside Stopa Slovensko. Their work in Slovakia ensures that people on the streets of Bratislava are treated with dignity and respect as they work with social work services to move away from a life on the streets.”

Image: Marek Jánoš


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