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The European End Street Homelessness Campaign is delighted to share its new publication with you: EESHC Impact Report 2021 

The last year has been a challenging year for many, most of all for those without a home. The COVID-19 pandemic’s focus as a global emergency with immediate consequences shifted to a need for longer-term policy responses, especially with regard to those who are homelessness or insecurely housed.

Our growing network of partners across Europe has worked tirelessly to focus resources on where need is the greatest. Despite the challenges, their work not only continued but became stronger.  This report demonstrates that with the right commitment, and by working together, we can take meaningful steps towards a world free of street homelessness.

The European End Street Homeless Campaign’s Impact Report 2021 shares the incredible stories and achievements of local partners. It also looks ahead to how they are developing their approach, so that ending street homelessness becomes not just about how, but when.


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