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We always look forward to discovering the inspiration and ingenuity that the World Habitat Awards bring every year. Every single project that submits helps us to build a picture of people across the globe dedicating their lives to make housing work for everyone.

Helping us build this picture are the – close to – 100 applications we receive each year from all over the world. In 2017 alone our finalists come from the Philippines, the United States, India, Cameroon, Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, El Salvador and the United Kingdom. Submissions are wide-ranging and include things like introducing (or reintroducing) a sustainable building material to provide homes, training communities to help themselves, efforts to house (or rehouse) people on a huge scale, or tiny pioneering developments that are the start of something new.

If you or somebody you know are interested in applying, there are just two criteria to qualify for the World Habitat Awards:

1. The work has to be related to housing – that is, it must have a positive impact on people’s housing situation. This doesn’t just mean building houses. It could be – for example – supporting people to improve their neighbourhood. Or helping those who’ve been unable to access adequate housing to secure their right to it.

2. The work has to be beyond the design or concept phase. Although we love ideas, for a project to be considered we need to see some progress towards people actually getting housed.

Once the competition gets going we invest a lot of time looking at what projects do. We have a thorough process so we can be sure that we’ve looked and understood as well as possible before we recommend our winners. You can see more about how the winners are chosen on our website.

The World Habitat Awards are about identifying, celebrating and sharing great work. Every year they demonstrate just how possible it is to achieve the right to housing, no matter where you live.

The World Habitat Awards 2018 are open until 31 March. Apply now.


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