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European End Street Homeless Campaign (EESHC) partner, CRESCER, today launch a booklet entitled Podemos erradicar as situações crónicas de sem Abrigo? (Can we eradicate the situation of chronic homelessness?), which outlines their successful methodology of working in Lisbon, Portugal.

The booklet, published today in English, French and Portuguese, provides a stark reminder of the housing challenges faced in Portugal, but offers 9 years of evidence and impact from CRESCER’s É UMA CASA, Lisboa Housing First. It includes strong evidence of the outcomes of people who have received support from their project, including improvements in access to medical services, length of stays in housing first properties, and improvements in connection with social work programmes.

Key evidence from their housing first programme includes:

  • 131 have been integrated into housing
  • 90% of tenants did not return to homelessness
  • 84% now have access to ID documents and 89% are connected to social services
  • 71% of people engaged with healthcare services and 96% of people who needed it, adhered to medication compliance
  • Approximately 50% of tenants stopped using illicit or licit psychoactive substances after entering the program
  • 47% of tenants restored family ties

The booklet was made by EESHC partner CRESCER and supported by funding through World Habitat’s Innovation Fund.

CRESCER said: “Housing First has been proven to be possible to eradicate chronic homeless situations. Opportunities to spread data about Housing First programs are extremely important to provide the community with information about the impact they can have.”

Ella Hancock (Programme Manager, World Habitat) said “World Habitat are proud to support the work of CRESCER in Portugal, who are making a big impact on the lives of hundreds of people with experience of street homelessness. We are especially keen to help them to share their evidence of what works, so that other cities in the European End Street Homelessness Campaign and beyond can learn from their approach. Housing First, when delivered correctly, can provide an answer to chronic homelessness.”

You can view and download the English, Portugese and French versions of the booklet here.

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