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Community-led housing projects in Switzerland, Argentina and the UK have made it to the final 12 of this year’s World Habitat Awards.

The ‘More than Housing’ project in Switzerland is one of the largest and most ambitious co-operative housing programmes in Europe. 50 different co-operatives have collaborated to provide affordable homes which address the needs of diverse households, to include a range of family sizes, income levels, ages and cultural backgrounds. With environmental sustainability at the heart of the project, this community-led neighbourhood promotes energy efficiency through shared services and ecological transport provision.

A campaign against the demolition of houses and relocation of local people in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the UK led to the creation of the ‘Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust’. This project has been selected as one of our finalists for its community-led regeneration of an area experiencing extreme decline and dereliction. Through the use of creativity, art, street markets, communal planting and community projects, the area has been transformed to become a vibrant area with newly renovated homes and a strong network of local support.

A community-led collaboration between indigenous and low-income creole people in Argentina, the ‘Intercultural Neighbourhood’, provides culturally inclusive, communal living including housing, a workshop, community rooms, a greenhouse and vegetable garden. With a focus on environmental sustainability, intercultural learning is promoted through working together and sharing knowledge between different marginalised groups.

These projects have all been selected as finalists in the 2016-17 World Habitat Awards for their community-led approaches to housing. The two winners of this year’s World Habitat Awards will be announced in early 2017.

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