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To increase the Gold winners’ impact, the World Habitat Awards team provides tailored support during the year following winning the award. This collaboration is different from one project to another depending on the needs and interests. Below are some examples of the bespoke support we have provided to Gold winners in recent years:

1. Increasing visibility

  • Contribution to international events and summits

In 2022, we facilitated our Gold winners Public Works Studio and Community Land Trust Brussels to participate in international events including UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum and the International Social Housing Festival. They had the opportunity to present their work to an international audience and network with key regional and global stakeholders.


In 2021, we financed a promotional video and organised events at COP26 for Aga Khan Agency for Habitat to raise international awareness over its adaptation and resilience work, network with potential partners, and identify mechanisms for scaling up.



  • Communication support

In 2021, we commissioned specialised design and communication support to translate the homelessness prevention material developed by Newcastle City Council into accessible materials that are transferrable to a wider audience.

  • Other options: support for local or national press coverage, hiring professional support for the elaboration of audio-visual material, web design, community management, etc.

In 2022, we co-financed a series of events to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Community Land Trust Brussels(CLTB), bringing together the community, local, regional and international stakeholders to recognise and celebrate their achievements and help influence policy. Watch our short film about our year working with CLTB.



2. Sharing practices with peers

  • In situ Peer exchanges. Since 1989, we have organised over 40 in-person peer-exchanges for winners in their locations. These are intensive site visits providing an opportunity for participants invited by World Habitat to meet with residents and others responsible for the programme’s success.

Alternatively, peer exchanges in another country can take place. In 2011, the in-person peer exchange for the Australian winner Housing for Health was organised in Nepal, where the awarded project had already been transferred.

  • Online workshops and networking events.

In 2020, we facilitated a series of online workshops and roundtables with World Habitat Award Gold winner Habitat3, bringing together similar organisations from five countries to facilitate mutual learning on affordable housing provision and funding structures.

  • Other options: hybrid regional knowledge transfer workshops (in-person and/or online), developing educational materials, publications, etc.

In January 2023 we will co-host a hybrid ExChange symposium with our Lebanese winners Public Works Studio to convene regional and global stakeholders around key community organising approaches to fight forced evictions.   

3. Technical support

  • Local staff support.

In 2020, we funded the role of a community officer to support the Koraga community in India to adopt eco-sensitive livelihood practices, build new homes and organise advocacy efforts to mobilise human and financial resources from different levels of government.

  • Transitioning in governance model.

In 2018, we organised an in-person workshop for Mutual Housing California to help them adapt as a growing organisation and learn how they could make a change in culture without losing its founding ethos.

  • Other options: financing capacity building and training activities for staff (i.e. legal support, informatics, media), exchanges with other organisations which managed a change in scale or structure, trainings to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint, etc.

4. Others

  • Other types of supports can be designed together with gold winners.


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