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Each entry to the World Habitat Awards goes through a thorough process. We need each entry to demonstrate a number of different factors.


  • What has your project achieved?
  • To what extent has it improved lives and met the right to safe, secure housing, particularly for people with few choices?


  • What makes your project different?
  • Is it working in a particularly challenging context, or using a new or little-used approach to housing?


  • Is your project capable of continuing over the long-term? Or have its impacts sustained after completion?
  • Is it compatible with Sustainable Development Goal 13 – action to combat climate change and its effects?
  • And does it positively impact on wider society?


  • Can your idea or approach be used to solve similar challenges elsewhere?
  • Was it inspired by another project or idea – which you have developed for your own specific situation?


  • Are you tackling an issue which is particularly current, urgent or neglected?

The selection process


The first part of the process involves establishing an initial shortlist of around 40 entries who best meet the criteria explained above. This may involve asking for more detail and information about your project.

These 40 entries are then put through further – and more detailed – research and discussion until there are a final group of around ten projects.

For these ten projects a detailed and thorough overview is compiled for discussion at our expert advisory group. Each of the final projects is asked to provide two independent referees for us to approach who can confirm the details described in the entry.

Advisory Group

The information we have prepared about each of the final ten projects is sent to our Advisory Group.

Advisory Group members are chosen for their breadth of housing experience across a range of contexts. The group scrutinise each project in detail, applying their knowledge, understanding and expertise.

The Advisory Group recommends a maximum of four projects to be further assessed through an evaluation visit and confirms the Bronze Award winners.

Evaluation Visits

Staff and trustees of World Habitat, and members of the Advisory Group visit four projects to gain an actual and direct perspective of their work, approach and impact. The evaluation visit includes meeting residents in their homes, and other beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders.

After the evaluation visits and any follow-up enquiries, the Chief Executive of World Habitat discusses the visits with the evaluation teams before final recommendations of the Gold and Silver Award winner are made to external judges. These are currently: Ms Maimunah Mohd Sharif, the Executive Director of UN-Habitat and Ms Leilani FarhaGlobal Director of ‘The Shift’. Full documentation is sent to the judges with World Habitat’s recommendations. The final decision on the winning projects is made by the external judges.

Feedback is available – on request – to all projects who enter the World Habitat Awards, regardless of the stage reached in the process.

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