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Proyectos ganadores del Premio Mundial del Habitat 2009: Brasil y Polonia

CD-ROM containing details of the ‘Caprichando a Morada’: Living well is part of human dignity and Building Partnerships to Eradicate Poverty, Poland, winners of the 2009 World Habitat Awards and hosts to the international study visits that took place in 2010.

Compiled in English and Spanish, this CD-ROM contains details of both projects as well as additional technical documents, videos, images and the perspectives of those who took part in the study visits, offering a further insight into the programmes.

The purpose of the international study visits was to provide an in-depth understanding of the practical techniques, training methods and project management approaches used in the award winning programmes as well as providing the opportunity for the exchange of experiences.


The COOPERHAF rural housing cooperative was established in 2001 to address the critical housing needs of very low-income agricultural families in Brazil. It seeks to develop sustainable solutions for small family farmers across the country, through a comprehensive approach to habitat and livelihoods that has housing as its starting point. A participatory approach is used to mobilise and organise families and help them build, improve or expand their homes with the help of a mason and COOPERHAF’S technical team … more


Founded by Barbara and Tomasz Sadowski in 1990, the Barka Foundation for Mutual Help provides housing, support and training for and with homeless, destitute and socially marginalised people in both urban and rural areas of Poland. In addition to supporting the establishment of training centres, schools and social enterprises on the ground, Barka’s awareness raising of social problems among policy-makers has influenced the legal framework in Poland, facilitating the creation of a more active civil society … more

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