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The Future of Housing

BSHF launched this report in the House of Lords on 14th October 2009. ‘The Future of Housing: Rethinking the UK housing system for the twenty-century’ is a wide-ranging examination that asks: • Where are we now? • Where do we want to be? • How can we get there?

The report summarises the discussions of a recent Consultation at St George’s House, Windsor Castle. This Consultation brought together experienced practitioners and academics from different housing-related disciplines as well as those with experience from Continental Europe and North America. Lord Best, OBE was the chair of this event, which was coordinated by the Building and Social Housing Foundation.

Twenty-five years earlier, Lord Best was invited by the Duke of Edinburgh to coordinate the Inquiry into British Housing, which provided an overview of the state of British housing in the mid-1980s and made a range of suggestions for future action. The Consultation addressed the same three vital questions in relation to housing in the UK as the Inquiry into British Housing had done many years ago.A companion publication is also available – ‘Perspectives on the Future of Housing’.

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