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Los Derechos a la Vivienda y la Tierra

The second of two publications outlining the key features of Bento Rubião Foundation’s (FBR) pioneering Land and Housing Programme in Rio de Janeiro, a finalist in the 2005 World Habitat Awards. This volume focuses on the organisation’s Right to Housing project, which involves housing construction through mutual aid, self-management and the formation of cooperatives.

Through the project, technical assistance is provided to housing cooperatives by the Foundation’s interdisciplinary team and land is kept in collective ownership for the community. The housing is higher in quality and significantly lower in cost than conventional housing for low-income families and residents make payments into a Revolving Fund, which is then used to support similar experiences in other communities.

In addition to mobilising and empowering over 15,000 low-income familes to improve their living conditions, FBR is also working successfully to influence both local and national government policy.

The testimonies of residents contained in this book attest to the unwavering committment of the FBR team, as well as the tremendous impact of their work to date.

To download Volume I (Right to Land programme) click here.


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