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Revisión de la Vivienda Social

The CECODHAS European Social Housing Observatory has carried out the first-ever review of the social, co-operative and public housing sectors in the 27 EU member states. This detailed report presents an overview of the main trends and issues facing the social, co-operative and public housing sectors in each country, as well as providing national profiles and key housing-related data. The study draws on data provided by the network of CECODHAS correspondents, as well as from external national experts.

This report provides reliable and up-to-date data on the socially provided housing sector in Europe. For each country, there is a brief overview setting out the following information:

  • An overview of the social, co-operative and public housing system in the country
  • Main market trends affecting social, cooperative and public housing
  • Main social and demographic changes in the demand for social, co-operative and public housing
  • Main policy developments in the field of housing, in particular with respect to social, co-operative and public housing
  • Main changes in the scope of activity of social , co-operative and public housing providers
  • Main changes in urban regeneration and sustainable communities’ policy and in urban development

In addition, for each country, there is a statistical information section that includes the following data:

  • Stock details
  • Housing affordability information
  • Costs of construction
  • Changes in the housing market
  • Housing quality information
  • Public subsidy details
  • Key demographic data

A copy of the report is also available in French from the CECODHAS (Housing Europe).

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