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Carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Alternative Technology and the School of the Built Environment at Nottingham University, this research report identifies 18 examples of environmentally sustainable housing projects in the East Midlands region, as well as providing detailed information on sustainable construction and design strategies.

This research has identified and documented examples of environmentally sustainable housing in the East Midlands. These projects include those in both the private and public sector, new-build and renovation and a wide range of sustainability level (from virtually zero energy to more simple improvements).

The project also identifies the barriers that developers of these projects have encountered and reviews the national and regional policies that affect the development of sustainable housing in the East Midlands region. Analysis of the regulatory and other barriers faced, the costs involved in building in a more sustainable manner and the lessons learned, will enable others to learn from these established projects.

The results of the research are made available to help promote the good work that is already taking place and encourage others to use the approaches identified in these pioneering examples.

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Related Documents

Section 1: Why sustainable construction? (380 KB)
Section 2.1: Sustainable Design Strategies (1.68 MB)
Section 2.2: Sustainable Building Materials and Technologies (1.06 MB)
Section 2.3: Eco-Renovation (370 KB)
Section 2.4: Self-Build (207 KB)
Section 3: Regulatory and Policy Framework (373 KB)
Section 4: Case Studies of Sustainable Housing in the East Midlands (3.79 MB)
Section 5: Barriers to Sustainable Housing Development (125 KB)

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